Madalyn Coryea
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Senior Software Engineer, Boston, MA, Multipotentialite, INTP

About Me

When I was 16 I discovered a love for software and have been writing code ever since. For me, software is the perfect fusion of my many interests. I am artistic and love the feeling of bringing more beautiful creations into the world. At the same time, I excel in mathematics because I love the mental challenge of always solving the next puzzle. My unique way of thinking around problems leads me to being a key player in brainstorming ideas, as well as speaking up. If you have a problem that needs a solution, I will think of several ways to tackle it.

My Background

I graduated with honors with a Bachelor's in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and with a minor in Interactive Media and Game Development (Art Track) in 2014.

I've worked full-time developing software at Vistaprint, Microsoft, Xamarin, and Casenet.
While still in college, I worked writing software for Skimbox (No longer operating, was part of SoftArtisans) and for Senscio Systems.

I created the site VeniceBells as part of my junior year project at WPI while I lived in Venice, Italy.
I am the co-founder and co-creator of Peachplex.

Find me and more of my projects on Github.

My Ideal Company

Huge Bonuses

What I'm looking For

I'm looking to join a team where I can be a key contributor and where I am appreciated for my broad skill set. I like to wear many different hats because my thirst for knowledge is easily stimulated. I've had a lot of fun working for startups, it's part of my DNA.

If you think we'd work well together, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. I get spammed with a lot of recruitment offers, so mention that you've seen my website and I'll be more likely to respond; especially if your company checks a lot of boxes on my Ideal Company List!

More About Me

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand.
Good programmers write code that humans can understand.

—Martin Fowler

I love languages, and I love writing. Just like in writing an essay, code should be orderly, clean, and clearly demonstrate its intent. I become frustrated by developers who only care about code functionality, with little regard to its maintainability and comprehension. I can take garbled code and make it clear for others to reliably use in the future, but I believe our time is better spent if all developers put better care into this aspect of their writing style.

Women in Technology

I am an advocate for women in technology. I was the President of Women in Computer Science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute for two years while I was a student there. I have attended Google Women Techmakers and the Grace Hopper Celebration. At Vistaprint, I was an active member in WIT and was involved in the orchestration of many large-scale events, including planning Act-W Boston in 2017. I am happy to be a supporter and champion of Women in Technology wherever I go, and I look to get involved in any company WIT events.

As President of Women in CS at WPI, I learned a great deal of responsibility through organizing weekly meetings and activities for our 20+ members, running exec meetings with our 5 execs, coordinating networking, recruiting, and social events with many Boston companies, recruiting members to our club through events several times throughout the academic year, and representing our organization with the WPI CS faculty and department head. I also had to organize our budget, and maintain our schedule.

I speak to this experience because I learned valuable lessons about people and time management, networking, presenting, and negotiating. I see myself as a team lead in a few years, and I know I already have all the right tools to excel in a leadership role.

My Interests

A little more about me: I just adore animals! All animals, they're all wonderful. I also love plants, and when I'm not taking lengthy walks or bike rides, I spend the majority of my time outdoors gardening. I am a musician, mainly as a pianist, but I am happy to play any instrument lying around. I'm a lover of rubik's cubes, trivia, and brain teasers. I enjoy yoga and try to at least fit in some deep breathing once per day.

I eat plant-based, meaning I try to consume as few animal products as possible; I've been eating this way since about 2014 after watching Forks Over Knives and have been loving it!

My other hidden interest is financial planning. I enjoy reading or chatting about portfolio management, stocks, and asset allocation. I'm happy to help friends and family start investing, or even just help someone out with setting up a retirement account.

I love to travel and have been to France, Italy, Canada, and Brazil, as well as to several Caribbean Islands.

My Values

I happen to be an INTP personality type on the Myers-Briggs scale, yet I still care deeply about other people, their views, and their aspirations. Always seeking more knowledge of the world and those around me, I love meeting new people and learning all about them. I am fascinated to hear about ideas and experiences different from my own.

I believe all people are equal and deserve equal respect. It is important to me to make others feel valued and heard. I thrive in an environment that values diversity, and I feel most engaged when working with other passionate, open-minded people.

Being an Introvert makes me a great listener. I don't always appear to be that introverted, but my preferance is a one-on-one environment. I still enjoy working in groups, especially those with unique opinions and ideas all coming together to solve a problem. That is why I love software engineering! © 2018